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Seminar Attendee Testimonials

It's time to cut through

all the mess; let's smile!

"Thanks for presenting!   Several came up to me afterwards, and even a phone call from one driving home (talking hands-free, no doubt!) saying it was one of the best presentations we’ve had in a long time.  Lion Bob


"Dick did an outstanding job in presenting to our members. Along with being right on the mark, his presentation was interesting and entertaining. Companies and organizations of all sizes will benefit from Dick's talent."   Allen-Chamber Exec.Dir.

"Dick Van Gelder is a great motivational speaker who takes his work and message seriously, but not himself. Everyone who owns or manages a business should hear Dick's message about how to raise productivity in the work place by treating people fairly and adding some fun. He has come to this conclusion through research and personal observation. Dick has worked with a variety of businesses, helping them make wise banking decisions. So, he's seen first hand what type of environment promotes productivity and what type doesn't.

You can hear Dick's passion in his informative (and Fun!) presentations. I highly recommend Dick if you feel a need for some "corporate therapy"! I found his message very uplifting."
   Catherine - Insurance Exec.

"I have had the pleasure of benefiting from Dick's consummate skill in entertaining a group. While entertaining a group of people, he helps each of us gain perspective about what is important in life and what is just "stuff" or "static". I can not stress enough how much I always enjoy Dick's presentations. He is highly skilled and makes some tremendously helpful points while making sure we have FUN!."   Deborah - Bank VP


"You gave a wonderful talk tonight at the WSW dinner. Truly inspirational and entertaining.... Thanks Dick for inspiring everyone that was there....."  Terry B. "Hope is on the Horizon-Breast Cancer Banquet"


"Thank you so much for presenting to our staff.  It was great."  Gloria B. -  Regional Hospital Management Team

"I loved your program.  Thanks for doing it.  We'll have you back soon."  Susan T.  VP Bank/Rotary Club of Cambridge