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All seminar/workshop topics are developed specifically for each client, based on pre-session interviews and goal oriented planning.   While the topic title may be of general interest,  every delivery is customized to achieve the objectives of the client.

Customized Seminar/Workshop Topics

1.     “It’s Time To Smile” (Med. Group Manager’s Assn., Maryland)

2.    “Too Much Crap”  ( national conference, Disneyland, CA)

3.     “Has Anyone Seen My Joy”  (Brain Tumor support group)

4.    “Profit Is A Laughing Matter”  (Chamber of Commerce)

5.    “Laughter is the shortest distance between two people” (Victor Borge)(Johns Hopkins MBA Class)

6.    “Speaking to Communicate; what an idea!”  (University of MD Medical School Residents)

7.    “The Living Rotary 4-Way Test” (DE, MD, NC, FL)

8.    “Dentists Love Smiles!”  (Regional dental society)

9.    “Finding Joy in their Eyes”  (Eastern Shore Volunteer Management Network)

10.  “Hats Off To Moms”  (Un.Meth.Church conference celebrating Mother’s)

11.  "Profit is a Laughing Matter"  (CPA CEU conference)

12.  “Smiles at Work Initiative”  (Washington, DC;  multiple Federal agencies/joint pilot program coordinated by Graduate School USA)

13.  "Stress is Killing Us!"  (Washington, DC;  Federal agency webinar)

14.  "Journey to Joy!!"  (Salisbury, MD "Hope is on the Horizon" Banquet")

15.  "It's Showtime;  Raising the Curtain on Great Customer Experiences!"

16.  "Performance Enhancement" (Lion's Club)

17.  "Wellness Begins Above the Shoulders"; Washington, DC;  (Multiple Federal agencies/joint pilot coordinated by Graduate School USA & OPM)

18.  "It's Time To Smile!"  (Frederick Memorial Hospital-out patient services centers)

19.  "Living The Four-Way Test in Rotary"  Frederick, MD Rotary Clubs). 

20.  "HELP!!   We Need a Smile"  Westminster, MD; Human Services Agency

21.  "Change is the Constant";   Cambridge MD Rotary Club

"Journey To Joy"  - Hope is on the Horizon Banquet