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Smiles at Work Institute announces new wellness initiative:  "Wellness Begins Above the Shoulders!

(what an idea!)

News and Events

Rotary Campaign to share the hidden message of the 4-Way Test!!   It worked for Herbert Taylor in 1932, and it can for you!

Medical professionals engaged in a fun workshop to develop tools and skills needed to bring smiles back to their offices!



**  Piloting program for wellness professionals:  "Wellness Begins Above

     the Shoulders";  the critical need to get to the root cause of wellness!!


**  Presented to 3 Frederick, MD Rotary Clubs;  "Happiness at Work"


**  Presented to major metropolitan hospital teams;   "Wellness Begins Above the

     Shoulders; What it means to you!"


**  Joint Graduate School USA and O.P.M. Federal webinar presentation to 40

     agency wellness coordinators; "Wellness Begins Above the Shoulders"


**  Focusing on patient experience & satisfaction training and facilitation in health

     care as it is no the path towards increased reimbursements from Medicare!!

HCAHPS & CAHPS!!!   Do these words strike fear in the hearts of medical professionals everywhere?   They do if these folks are in touch with how the CMS will be controlling their Medicare reimbursements in the future.   Time to get some smiles happening all around those medical offices; patients, providers and people who will be answering the surveys!!!



Summer, 2011:  The Smiles at Work Institute joins noted Tampa Bay, FL children's author, Brenda Darnley Martin, to develop a dynamic & fun workshop incorporating her recently released 3rd book about bullying: "The Treasure Hunt Tree-Judge Mia's Decree" into a session entitled "Treasures in Your Workforce".